So, when can we expect an F6 style pro DSLR? D3X?

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matthew saville
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So, when can we expect an F6 style pro DSLR? D3X?

I don't know about the rest of you, (heck, most of you probably weren't even interested in cameras before DSLR's came around) ...but when the big, bad, brick-like Nikon F5 was replaced by the suave, mid-sized F6, I thought "brilliant!"

As an adventure photographer, I'd never dream of dragging a big huge body into the high Sierras. Galen Rowell didn't dream of it, either.

As a wedding and portrait photographer, I still don't always want the grip, unless I'm going to be shooting a ton of headshots... But that's what the MB-D10 is for!

My point is, I don't see why EVERY pro-series DSLR has to be full-size. The D300 has proven that you can go very far on just one EN-EL3e battery, and not just that but the MB-D10, which mysteriously is not named MB-D300, accepts D3 batteries while also leaving your EN-EL3e in the camera, giving you even MORE juice than the D3 can.

Why not do the F6 thing with the D3X? Here's why it would be a brilliant idea:

Only two kinds of people really NEED 24 megapixels. In my opinion, to best reach BOTH the studio / fashion / commercial photographers AND the high-adventure, go-light landscape photographers ala Galen Rowell, the F6 concept is perfect. Fully-professional grip when you need it, take it off when you don't...

Chances are you won't need 9 FPS with 24 megapixels. But if you do, the technology is here for the grip to enable that- the F6 grip boosted speed from 5 FPS to 8, and the D300 goes from 6 to 8 FPS as well.

The D300 grip is a a totally professional grip, and would be wholly acceptable not just as an add-on grip to the "advanced amateur, semi-pro" D300, but also as a grip for any fully-professional camera body. In fact as I said, it's almost BETTER because you add the EN-EL3e battery that stays in the camera, plus you also get that extra joypad for vertical shooting... That's an argument for the MB-D10 being an even BETTER setup than a straight-up full-size pro body...

I think the time has come for the return of the fully-professional, mid-size DSLR body. Nikon did it with the F6, Canon has always done it with their EOS-1 series, and right now if you want a fully professional DSLR, you simply MUST get a full-size body and I think that is a huge limitation for those who wish to go light.

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Cameras capable of making great photographs have become commonplace these days, but photographers have not. While technical innovations have made photography ever easier in recent decades, the art of producing images that other people will care about has become even more formidable. Galen Rowell

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