Is Ansel Adams over-rated?

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Re: *DEDICATION* to his craft

John King wrote:

Just one other little thing that makes Adams great is his
DEDICATION to his craft. He thought nothing of lugging 50 Kgs of
equipment and plates up the side of a mountain to get his photo - not
once, but as many times as it took for him to get it "right". Are you
as dedicated as that? I'm bloody sure I'm not !! I wish I were, but
I am not.

" DEDICATION to his craft " ... has nothing to with anything. All that matters is bringing home the bacon, it terms of an image that moves the human spirit.

The image you have there, the famous one, it's fine ... no problem, a good image. It moves the human spirit. But others could get lucky and get an image just as moving... with very little effort.

The problem isn't Ansel, it's that photography is, to some great extent or another, a mechanical process.

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