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Re: What DVD's..No DVD's

Hi Geka,

I do not recommend any. I recommend you to save your images on several extenral discs, like LaCie as mentioned.

I use three as back-up
One for all my NEF files
One for all my processed files (mostly JPEG's)

One TB disc where all images are on, I connect this once a month to make a master back-up of both other discs and put this one in a safe.

I did a lot of burning on DVD's and CD's but this way it is much quicker, and financially seen hardware storage is nowadays imuch cheaper in comparison to 'good' media backup like DVD's etc.

Failure of a disc is possible of course but since the past year Im doing this now, never a problem happened since I use LaCie's. Like to mentrion that I had serious problems with Maxtor external drives in the past.

If you really want to back-up on disc, I would advice you to (wait) and buy a blue-ray disc burner, so your not cluttered with many discs of images but can put all on one or a couple


Geka wrote:

What DVD's do you recommend to store your best pictures ?

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