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4 jpegs with noise reduction: haleluhah!

The truth of the REAL high ISO quality will come when we can actually see a raw file converted.

Is the high ISO better than Canon? WHo knows? I'll wait for the converted raws. Incidentally, what camera would you compare to the Nikon? A 2 1/2 year old 5D? A 1DIII that has greater pixel density?

David SL wrote:
but most people don't seem to pay attention to such subtle concerns.
I am looking forward to RAW conversions which amazingly can look even
better than these.

It appears the detractors created something to attack.(see link)
Unable to definitively claim any single item from my list as an
Achilles heal compared to the best Canon's, the new mantra is that
the D3 IQ isn't that "much" better than the 1mkIII or 5D , one had
the nerve to say the IQ should be compared to the 1dsIII (at low ISO
only of course ;). Some are claiming Nikon has only achieved IQ
"parity"...riiiiiiight, it is amazing how people continue to lie to
themselves in the face literally of evidence to the contrary.


glasswindow wrote:

On the ISO 6400 shot the WB seems off enough that I'd expect it to be
more noisy than it shows.

I'm seriously impressed by it. I shoot ISO 3200 on my D80 and it
gives it a great grainy look to it and allows me to shoot f1.4 in
some very dark situations with decent but grainy b&w photos. This has
me scheming to save up 5Gs! Now if only I could justify it...

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