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Re: I'm comparing to

Iliah Borg wrote:

echelon2004 wrote:

typical 12mp in general, iso200-800 on eos5D vs D3 iso400 (last two

First of all, I totally agree with your point in regards to AA
filter. 5D has a weak AA filter, and even available 1Ds series
cameras can't beat Kodak SLR/n. Now I have a habit of removing AA
filters from each and every camera I have.

You'll hate the eos1ds3 then

There's so much stuff in front of the sensor that it's amazing any light at all hits the photo diods

Second, I agree with your point in regards to out of camera JPGs.
Those are converted in an uncontrolled "average" way. Nikon made a
huge progress in their in-camera JPG engine, but I think it is still
a necessity to process in camera in a conservative mode when it comes
to sharpening and to overdo noise reduction.

What worries me is that it is possible that Nikon and sony don't have the on-chip noise reduction as used by canon (some version of it obviously) but instead uses software anti aliasing and noise reduction...

Lets see NEFs first.

Absolutely, then we will know for sure.

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