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Just making a quick visual judgement..


Your posts reflect a balanced, critical view of camera performance, but I wonder if your observation about the 5D vs D3 and MKIII will hold up. As I look at the Nikon 6400 ISO nightclub image I see the cleanest 6400 I've ever seen together with decent detail, despite NR on. The face and hat comprise the area of focus. Viewed on a 2560 x 1600 monitor, and printed at 8.5 x 11, these areas appear noise free and detailed - each skin pore - each whisker - each hat thread and even a hint of veins in :)s. The 5D 3200 stage shot you offer for comparison is nice, but.. the ISO is one stop down, there's twice as much available light, and there's more noise - especially chroma - compared to the D3 image. The 5D image also holds no more detail. Several things contribute to its sense of detail. Because this was taken at 400mm, most of the picture comprises the area of focus, and the image shows obvious signs of sharpening. The D3 image has no such sharpened appearance. The MKIII comparative images at 6400 aren't even in the same ball game as 5D and D3. I realize we need to wait for more objective comparisons.

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