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As I said...

it could very well be due to a poor (or undeveloped) jpg engine

sfisher wrote:

echelon2004 wrote:

noise control and dynamic range seems to be good.

CA control seems very good.

But where's the detail? Maybe two layers of microlenses and an AA
filter stripped to much of the resolving power...

Or maybe the jpg engine sucks, so better wait for proper files to

I don't know I'm looking at picture "pic005b.jpg" the focus point is
on her chin, and I can see the peach fuzz hairs on he chin and the
contact lens in her right eye. And it is a JPEG using the standard
picture control settings.

Usually you lose about 25-30% of the theoretical maximum resolution due to AA filters and other things (those other things, which are unknown to me, causes the Leica M8 to lose 10% despite not having a AA filter)

I bet Phil will show that you lose about 40-45% on the D3 when shooting jpg...
say 1900lph and 1850 lph...

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