this site is tainted by corporate greed

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Re: I agree

cityphotog wrote:


any opinion should be evaluated before? yours included of course.

censorship is good and responsible
free speech is bad and dangerous

we all know that.

but this is a forum, by definition it doesn't work that way. first
of all because if you or the owner start passing only the opinions
you like this place will become really boring, second you'll take
all the fun out of it and you'll end up talking to yourself.

by the way... are you one of us or related to the new owners?

this is still a free speech place until people like you will take
over: so you will kindly answer

This is a private forum so free speech doesn't apply and never has. When you sign up you agree to a terms of service that limits your rights to post exactly what you want such as explicit images or 'offensive' language.

There are plenty of forums with almost no censorship or control over what goes on them and they are invariably overrun with idiots, racists and advertising spammers.

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