Digital Concepts PTTL flash and K10D?

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Re: Digital Concepts PTTL flash and K10D?

JensR wrote:

Looks to be a cheap copy of the cheap Sigma DG500 Super, whcih is a
cheap copy of the 360/540-FGZ

You seem to use a rather peculiar definition of "copy".

I think his logic is: "the 360/540-FGZ is a flash, and it fits Pentax cameras, therefore all flashes that fit Pentax cameras are considered a copy (so what if the Sigma has features not in the 360/540-FGZ, like multi-exposure strobe - don't confuse me with facts!)".

As for his repetitive use of the word "cheap", I guess he means: "I wish I hadn't spent an outrageous amount of money on my Pentax flashes, when all these companies are coming out now with decent flashes at a reasonable price..."

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