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Re: One more tidbit before burying this horse [huge imgs]

CurtisR wrote:

philzucker wrote:

CurtisR wrote:

Thought I'd give the technique a spin in a bit more practical

The first shot is just shot with preset daylight WB, second WB with
my trusty pink paper (and then WB reset by grey point in PPL3.)
Sunlight, manual exposure (actually the -1 shot of a bracket.)

Could you clarify if you reset WB for both pics by grey point? Only
then they would be comparable, and even then only if you got
exactly the same grey point as WB "anchor". Or asked the other way
round: Was identical color temperature in Kelvin set to both pics
in RAW development?

No and no. Though I don't think that makes them uninteresting to
compare. The colors are a bit different, but the degree to which
detail is lost to clipping in the red channel is appreciable
(although silkypix does a pretty impressive job of faking the
clipped red channel.)

If you wanted do see if channel clipping would be less in the red channel with a custom WB done on a pink paper compared to the daylight WB preset - did I get this right? - you would have to develop the RAWs to the same color temperature and then compare the results. Only then you can see how much an analog gain in the red channel prior to ADC influences red channel clipping.

With the pics you present here you just show that different WB in "developed" or processed images - but not in RAW files - influences color channel clipping. But the point of this thread was IMO to see how WB influences results in RAW files, and how this influence manifests itself in later processing of those files.

Maybe you could develop both PEFs again - the joys of RAW! - to exactly the same tint and color temperature in Silkypix (I don't know the interface of Silkypix, but I guess there will be the possibility to enter tint and color temperature numerically) and then present us crops showing the red flower of both versions? That would be interesting!

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