Sony & Pentax stronger than Canon/Nikon

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Re: Sony & Pentax stronger than Canon/Nikon

I think Canon has in the digital era made themselves "the camera company" and I don't think they are in danger from anyone. Nikon however, I'm not so optimistic about. I think the future will include canon as the largest camera company and the technology leader, while Nikon Sony/km pentax/samsung and fuji all occupy various niche segments in the market. The sony has an impressive list of features, but although I have not tried one, I highly suspect that features alone do not make a camera successful, and they certainly don't make me interested in one. Also we forget that Samsung is catching sony quite quickly all across the consumer electronics spectrum, so for all we know, it could be pentax/samsung that becomes the #2 camera company.

I think despite the sales volume that the best feature set allows, it is image quality that makes or breaks a camera company. Nikon has been the leader in both features and image quallity for some time but it seems to me that that is changing.


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