how to photograph asteroids

Started Jun 9, 2006 | Discussions thread
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ehosca wrote:

i want to photograph the Perseids this august with my 5D.

i would appreciate any tips on the subject as i'm a complete noob
when it comes to astrophotography ...
techniques, equipment ...

Others mentioned settings and lenses. Another useful tool is a timer so
you can set up some exposures and let the camera take pictures in
a cycle of exposures. You can then walk away and let the camera cycle
for (example) 30 minutes and come check what it has captured. In Jpeg
mode you have hundreds of possible captures. You can bulb mode for
very long exposures etc.

Blending a series of shorter exposures can be useful too. With a timer you
can lower the noise by taking shorter exposures and then blending many together
for one image.

Try various methods and see what your best results would be.

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