QV300 Quirky problem

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Re: QV300 Quirky problem

I've had a similar problem with my CASIO QV3000, but often the display will just come on after about 20 to 30 seconds (Turning it off and on again will fix it too). I've found out that it was a problem with the light (florescent tube) which illuminates the LCD screen from the rear. I found this out because my CASIO 2.3" Color TV does the same thing. The last time my camera did this I use a small light and shined it at the display and I was able to see the picture and about 20 seconds later the light came on. I don't have this problem often, I've had this camera for over a year now and only seen this problem about 5 times so far (about 20+ times with my TV). The only pattern for this problem that's I've noticed is that it happened after I don't use my camera for a week or longer.

I hope this helps.


Tom wrote:

I've noticed several times when I power up my camera that the LCD
does not turn on. When I go into the menu, the language is changed
to Japanese. Turn the camera off, turn it back on, problem is gone.

Any ideas?



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