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Re: Windows XP -- digital camera/photo features

I haven't gone through all the follow-ups yet, so my apologies if this has already answered, but what about users who DON'T have internet connection? I would definitely consider buying XP, but one installation would be on a PC that is totally stand-alone. If I had to send in a registration card and wait for a reply, or call a number (especially if it isn't in my own country, or if I'm put on hold for an hour), I would definitely think twice about the upgrade.

I'm also curious about the rationale of only allowing US/Canada residents review XP. I realise you may not be in a position to answer this, but doesn't it defeat the purpose of a beta test/review if you limit it this way? If you were providing phone/tech support, I could see the logic, but the review conditions seem to imply that reviewers are pretty much on their own anyway.

  • Beth

Rick Turner wrote:

Gail --

I am sorry about all your trials trying to get a working PC. The
registration process in Windows XP happens over your internet
connection, is the push of one button, and takes 1 minute over a
slow connection. It takes about 10 seconds over a large
connection. This should not require actually talking to someone on
the phone at all.

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