Tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee of MKBHD recently took a trip to Portland, OR to meet up with the team behind Motorized Precision and show off some of the incredible camera robots they've built. The resulting behind the scenes videos show you why these robots exist, and the kinds of shots they're able to get that are just plain impossible for a human to recreate with the tools we currently have available.

Forget stabilizers and dollies and tracks and sliders, a human would have a very hard time capturing a shot like this:

Which was done like this:

You might recognize this robot and its CGI-like moves from the commercial that introduced Microsoft's Surface Studio to the world. Anything that wasn't CGI or visual effects in that commercial was shot using the KIRA robot:

Brownlee and the team at Motorized Precision set up several example shots using both the KIRA—MP's most powerful and capable robot—and the smaller MIA. Both of these are controlled by a piece of software called MP Studio, which also allows you to manipulate the robot using an XBox controller, something Brownlee also demos.

Check out the full 'Dope Tech' video at the top to see more interesting behind-the-scenes shots.