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Swiss Olympic skier Lara Gut crashed during a run last week, and slid directly into a group of sports photographers on the sidelines. While most of them were able to get out of her way in time, one photographer, Sean Haffey, was hit square on. Fortunately, Haffey was quick with his camera and managed to capture multiple excellent shots of Gut as she slid toward him (embedded above).

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Neither individual was hurt, but the collision, which was caught on video, still looks pretty intense:

According to Reuters, the crash may have happened due to one of Gut's skis hitting a gate. She lightheartedly said to reporters after the incident, "No, I‘m OK, I‘m OK. I asked the photographer if he was OK too and he said he was. I think it’s getting scary to be a photographer on skiing hills."

As for Haffey, Getty told NBC that he and his gear are both fine. "Sean is all OK as is his gear," said Director and Head of External Communications for Getty Images, Anne Flanagan. "Like a true professional, he was shooting the entire time."