Filmmaker, photographer, and self-professed coffee addict Peter McKinnon has created his own rendition of the infamous selfie stick... on steroids. Meet the $10,000 Selfie Stick. This fun, gimmicky DIY creation is McKinnon's upgrade from the much-maligned (and for a time ubiquitous) pole used to hold a smartphone for self-portrait purposes.

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In his video of the project, McKinnon heads to the local hardware store where he purchases bolts and other hardware, as well as a pair of goalie sticks for hockey. The sticks are combined together using tape, and the bolts are used to mount a $6,000 cinema camera and $400 boom mic (and three Canadian flags) onto the sticks.

The end result? A massive, heavy "selfie stick" that outshines anything you can get off the shelf, but has absolutely no practical use.