Last month, Associated Press photographer A. M. Ahad shared a video on Facebook that shows something disappointing... if not terribly surprising. His video, captured at a train station in Bangladesh, shows photographers shooting staged images of a boy who is posing out a train window as if in prayer.

Ahad criticized the photographers' actions, saying such staging is used in an effort to capture award-winning images at the expense of professional etiquette.

Speaking with PetaPixel, Ahad explained that a large number of camera-wielding tourists show up for Eid al-Adha and Bishwa Ijtema to snap images that are often posed: "They are all around making images and ruining things for professional photographers."

"Bangladesh is not for people like this who came to ruin professional photographers etiquette for the sake of winning medal," Ahad said in the Facebook post that accompanies the video, expressing frustration that photographers who are staging scenes are getting in the way of actual professionals. "Stop telling us that you are foreign media covering the congregation when you have no proof to show us [...] just stay home, for goodness sake."