You've said it to yourself at least 100 times: 'Hey, if only I had a trampoline, and maybe 1,000 mouse traps, I could have a jolly good time by climbing up a ladder and throwing myself on top of them all.'

We understand this is a bucket list item for an awful lot of people. After all, with trampolines readily available online, and mouse traps that can be ordered in bulk, why the heck not? Of course, if you're being really honest with yourself, you'll admit that the only thing holding you back from acting out this all-too-common fantasy is not having a $100,000 Phantom Flex 4K camera so that you share the experience in super-slow-motion on social media.

Thankfully, the Slow Mo Guys are around to help. It took them four hours to set everything up, and just a few seconds to take the plunge, but with super-slow-motion we get to see every detail.

Of course, this got us curious. If you had access to a Phantom Flex 4K, what would you shoot in slow motion?