We've been fans of Sony's Eye AF feature for a while now, and since the company claims it's twice as effective in the a7R III it was one of the first things we wanted to check out. In our brief initial demo it does indeed look impressive, which could be a huge benefit for pro photographers.

Looks good, but how does it do with continuous bursts? Here's a demo with AF-C at 8 fps. It's not a9 perfect, but consider it's also reading out 340 megapixels a second, while focusing on your subject's eye – not bad at all.

We've also slowed down the footage 5x (thanks to Sony's own RX0 camera) to show you that each frame displayed in the EVF during 8 fps 'live view' shooting appears to be a single frame, with fades to black inserted.

While this isn't the 'live feed no blackout' shooting the a9 offers, it's nothing short of impressive for a 42.4 MP mirrorless camera.