Photographer and creative director Dylan Schwartz may have shot the viral fireworks time-lapse of the year this July 4th. Over the course of three hours, Schwartz captured thousands of fireworks going off above LA from his vantage point at Mount Wilson Observatory.

Schwartz shared the story behind the timelapse with Time, telling the magazine, "Everything is spread out in L.A. To really see what L.A. does for the Fourth of July, you have to see the whole thing." Even with this wide shot captured from 5,700+ feet above LA, Schwartz still says he only captured "a slice."

According to Time, the final time-lapse is a composite of nearly 250GB of stills and video shot with 4 different cameras. Schwartz used a Sony a9 (he's a Sony ambassador) with a 70-200mm lens to capture both video and stills of the widest perspective, another camera for video exclusively, and two more were shooting stills of various key locations.

Six hours of editing later, the time-lapse above was ready for posting on social media, where it immediately took off. Here's an even closer crop posted to Schwartz' Instagram account. Enjoy.