Professional photographer Fritz Liedtke's work spans the worlds of film and digital, from editorial and commercial work to fine art. A native of Edmonds, WA, Liedtke became fascinated with the creative possibilities and surrealism presented by modifying the focal plane of 4x5 cameras in high school and college. In this presentation, Liedtke guides us through a recent project titled 'Astra Velum' (Veil of Stars), wherein he focused on photographing individuals whose faces were peppered with freckles.

'I wanted to try to create something beautiful out of something that many people see as blemishes,' Liedke says. Of course, not everyone feels that way about their freckles, but throughout his project, Liedtke noticed that many people he put in front of his camera didn't necessarily feel like they fit in with the overall concept of American 'beauty culture,' with its focus (pun intended) on near-flawlessness.

Liedtke takes us through his post-processing and printing techniques, as well as guiding messages for those looking to start out on a personal project of their own. Keep your eyes open for interesting people to photograph, set goals for yourself, and perhaps most importantly, 'don't be afraid,' Liedtke says. 'Most people will be flattered that you want to photograph them.'