Drones are not easy to fly. As a novice drone enthusiast myself, I've become acquainted with the learning curve that comes with taking to the skies. As a result I'm always amazed by highly skilled drone pilots and their videos. But some videos go above and beyond simply inspiring: they make you question the very laws of physics and space.

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The video above, filmed at the famed Muscle Beach, falls into this category. It was posted by Vimeo user Robert McIntosh, whose page features a ton more awesome drone videos. A bit of research reveals that he shoots most of his footage with a 250 mm mini quadcoptor that is likely custom-built - with an action camera mounted to it. The small size explains its uncanny ability to squeeze through tight spaces mid-flight.

Sure, the sound effects in the video are a bit silly, but McIntosh's flight skills and the resulting footage are nothing short of breathtaking – which makes me feel either inspired or intimidated. I'm not sure which.

Also, you can check out the original clip, before stabilization right here. There's also a few outtakes near the end.