As part of our regular appearances on the TWiT Network show 'The New Screen Savers', our Science Editor Rishi Sanyal joined host Leo Laporte to discuss Nikon's entry into the high-end mirrorless market. In this episode, we cover everything from DPReview's initial impressions of the Z7 camera based on hands-on testing of the camera and lenses over multiple days of shooting, to the broader question of what Nikon's serious entry into mirrorless means for the camera industry at large.

The entry of one of the camera industry giants into the full-frame mirrorless ILC segment signals, in our opinion, significant winds of change. Just two short years ago Nikon advertised the benefits of DSLR over competitor mirrorless cameras during its D5 launch, citing the immediacy of the optical viewfinder and higher frame rates during burst shooting.

But shortly thereafter the Sony a9 showed us that mirrorless technologies could not only overcome but surpass these shortcomings. Now in its mirrorless launch, Nikon is introducing cameras with higher burst rates, wider AF coverage and far superior video autofocus than any of its previous full-frame, non-pro-grade DSLRs. And mirrorless' reliance on fast-evolving image image sensor technology means that, just maybe, we can expect faster, far reaching improvements with each generation.

Have a watch of our discussion, and then let us know your thoughts on the launch of the Nikon Z cameras in the comments below.