Photographer and filmmaker Mathieu Stern is good to his word. He said he would start a series of videos highlighting vintage lenses, and he has. In his second installment of "three vintage lenses, one model" he shoots the same model (obviously) using the Konica Hexanon 28mm f/3.5, Minolta MD 100mm f/2.5, and Industar 50-2 50mm f/3.5.

You might remember his previous test where he compared the Canon FD 50mm f/1.4 S.S.C., the Soligor 21mm f/3.8, and the Helios 103 53mm f/1.8 (which he had modified for tilt focusing).

This comparison is shot exactly the same way: no overbearing voiceover, just a quick introduction to the lenses before he goes out and shows all three in action at three different locations. Results are shown on-screen so you'll want to watch this full screen at the highest resolution your internet connection can handle.

Let us know in the comments which of the three lenses is your favorite, and if you like this comparison check out Mathieu's YouTube channel for a lot more vintage gear goodness.