Great gear can make a big difference when it comes to the quality of your photographs, but we all know that good gear does not a great photographer make. What's more, a great photographer can do amazing things using really mediocre equipment.

Case in point: watch portrait photographer Philippe Echaroux take on what he's calling "Big Mac Portrait Challenge."

Usually Echaroux uses Hasselblad digital cameras, Elinchrom lights and other expensive (for a reason) equipment to capture his professional portrait work. But he was recently asked to make due without any of that; instead, he would be using an iPhone for shooting and retouching, a small flashlight, and a Big Mac box from McDonald's. Yeah... seriously.

The final shots benefit from a lot of post-processing, of course. In all, Echaroux used VSCO, Photoshop Fix, and Lightroom Mobile to tease out something that looks a lot more professional than you'd expect from his meager setup. But The basic gear and lighting was all the same: iPhone, flashlight, Big Mac box.

Whether you're shooting an astronaut in a darkened Soyuz capsule with a 10-year-old DSLR and an iPhone flashlight, or taking the so-called Big Mac Portrait Challenge, don't let lack of gear intimidate you. If nothing else, it might lead to a cool story or creative video.