Dustin Dolby, the photographer behind the workphlo YouTube channel, is great at breaking down product photography into the simplest possible bits. By using Photoshop to mask together multiple exposures, he's able to capture professional looking product photos using extremely minimal gear.

In his latest episode, he shows how a single speedlight and some reflecting material can be used to capture a professional-looking photograph of perfume. What's more, the exercise of capturing these exposures helps explain some basic lighting tenets when shooting products:

Lighting a perfume bottle in a studio setting, requires the photographer to understand the angles the light is coming from. The substance of a few key lighting techniques can be boiled down into a few tips. Backlighting is a great way to show the volume of a translucent object, which couples nicely with frontal lighting.

Here's a look at the high-res final render, composited from a few different exposures you see him capture in the video above:

Photo by Dustin Dolby/workphlo, used with permission.

As Dustin explains in the video, you can do a lot more here—both compositionally and with different lighting techniques if you really want to have some fun—but this tutorial is more about explaining the basics and capturing a "classic" perfume shot with very little gear.

Check out the full tutorial up top, and if you want to see more of Dustin's 'workphlo,' head over to his YouTube channel or follow him on Instagram and Facebook.