Photoshop tutorial website photoshopCAFE has published a timely new tutorial that demonstrates how to create the disintegration effect from Marvel Avengers: Infinity War in Photoshop. The tutorial—which is also available in written formis a bit of a spoiler if you haven't seen the movie yet, though it's not a substantial one.

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The tutorial is fairly short with only 13 steps total, and photoshopCAFE's Colin Smith says he's tried to add a bit of his own spin to the usual 'dispersion effect' tutorial (which you can find all over YouTube).

"I have put my own twist on it with the person turning into waves of particles as if they are being turned into dust," explains Smith. "I call this the particle disintegration effect."

Check out the video up top to learn this trick for yourself, and then head over to the photoshopCAFE website or subscribe to the YouTube channel if you want to see more of Smith's retouching and photo-editing tutorials.