Daniel Inskeep and Rachel Gulotta of popular photography YouTube channel Mango Street Lab recently got to test out the Profoto A1—an ultra-high-end $1,000 speedlight that Profoto is calling "the world's smallest studio flash." The flash has raised a lot of eyebrows with that steep price tag, but as they explain in their short 'review' of the A1, Daniel and Rachel believe this is a 'gamechanger' for wedding photographers.

Why is that exactly? Because while it might look like a speedlight, it offers a combination of power, simplicity, and reliability that has the duo tossing their Canon speedlights in the bin.

Their adulation for these flashes really comes down to three main advantages:

1. Simplicity and Ease of Use – The menus are easy to navigate and syncing multiple flashes is a cinch.

2. Built-in Air Remote – No need to purchase a separate air remote, just use the A1 on your camera to control all of your other Profoto lights.

3. Fast Recycle Time – The duo's favorite feature by far, this ensures that they don't miss key shots, even when they're running on only a partial charge.

Check out the video to hear their thoughts on this light, and share your own in the comments down below. Are you considering the Profoto A1? Are the advantages worth the price tag? And if they're not, what would you recommend instead?