The Lumix GH6 from Panasonic is a video-centric Micro Four Thirds hybrid camera that boasts impressive capabilities from a digital mirrorless system. We took a closer look at some of the video options by shooting multiple clips to highlight some of the compression options, picture profiles, image stabilization modes, dynamic range boost, and low light performance.

We encourage you to download the full resolution video files below to avoid the compression artifacts typically present in the YouTube version.

Download links:

Compression Options

Compression: Both clips were shot at 3840x2160 in 4:2:2 10-bit color. We look at the difference between shooting 400 Mbps, All-I vs 150 Mbps, LongGOP.

Image Stabilization

To evaluate image stabilization we shot three clips: a control clip where no stabilization was applied, a second clip where in body and in lens stabilization were turned on, and a third clip where E stabilization and in body stabilization were both engaged.

Picture Profiles

For picture profiles we take a look at Standard, Cinelike D2, and V-Log.

Dynamic Range Boost

Each clip in this section was shot in V-Log. The control clip where Dynamic Range Boost was off was captured at base ISO 250. For the clip where Dynamic Range Boost was turned on the ISO was set at 2000 (the lowest setting at which it's available).

Low Light Performance

To test low light performance we shot a variety of scenes and ISOs in both the standard picture profile and V-Log. For each clip Dynamic Range Boost was off.