Photography tutorial website The Slanted Lens has published a useful YouTube video guide on how to fly with lithium-ion camera batteries. These batteries are known for their volatility, an issue that reached mass public awareness during the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall. The FAA likewise raised concerns last year over lithium-ion batteries in checked luggage, citing their potential fire risk.

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In its video, The Slanted Lens outlines all of the different types of batteries photographers may fly with, including ones installed in devices and standalone/spare li-ion batteries. Though some devices with built-in lithium-ion batteries can be packed in checked luggage, the team explains, the TSA requires others—such as a spare/standalone battery—to be packed in a carry-on.

It's a useful guide if you ever fly with your camera, and especially if you fly to shoots with multiple cameras, spare batteries, drones, etc. Check it out for yourself up top, see a written version of the guide here, and if you're even more curious, the FAA also has a guide on batteries, which you can find here.