If your camera or lens goes for a swim in salt water, most service centers will just write it off as unfixable. But one man in Singapore, known locally as the 'Camera Whisperer,' won't give up on you. In fact, he's made a name for himself by fixing cameras nobody else wants to or can.

David Hilos, 49, is a fixture in the Singapore hobbyist photography community. So much so, that Channel NewsAsia recently filmed a profile on him titled The Camera Fixer.

Tinkering at a workbench in his small public housing apartment in Singapore, he charges a fraction of what the service centers charge and takes 'lost causes' like the water damaged Nikon D750 you see in the video above. Or this Canon 50mm F1.2 he saved after a dip in some salt water:

Check out the short documentary above to meet Mr. Hilos and watch him work. And the next time your camera takes a swim or sustains some damage that a service center tells you is beyond them, don't just give up. Try and find your own David Hilos instead.