It's been almost three years since we launched our new YouTube channel, DPReview TV. Since then, we've published almost 250 episodes including product reviews, how-to videos, and more. These videos have allowed us to bring you more photo-related content than ever before, including reviews of products we may not have been able to cover in the past.

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If we hit our goal, Jordan will have to shoot the next several episodes using classic cameras of your choosing.

We're running a subscriber challenge to see if we can reach 300,000 subscribers by Valentine's Day (Feb. 14). If we hit our goal, Jordan will have shoot the next several episodes using classic cameras of your choosing. (Pentax K-01, anybody?)

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For inspiration, we've picked ten of our favorite episodes from the wayback machine to remind us how much fun we've had over the past few years.

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Sony a7 III review

This was DPReview TV episode #1. Fun fact: in the opening scene, Jordan's son Liam really thought his dad was moving to Seattle.

Chris: "This was a really tough episode to put together. We were still working for The Camera Store at the time, yet wanted to have a full review ready when we announced the move to DPReview. Despite a lot of late nights and evening shoots, I think this really captures the excitement we had about joining the DPReview team."

Fujifilm X100V review

The improvements to Fujifilm's X100V camera were big enough that we put one of Chris's quotes right on the title card for the video: "Yeah, it's really good."

Jordan: "It's bizarre to think that I shot this episode with a tiny little X100V, on a giant monopod with a bunch of audio stuff dangling off it. The episode still turned out great though, and I think it's due to shooting everything on a the camera's 35mm equivalent lens, undeniably the greatest focal length of all!"

Best mid-range full-frame mirrorless shootout

This episode may be recent, but it's relevant to a lot of photographers right now. If you're getting ready to make the leap to a mirrorless camera, make sure to watch this video first.

Jordan: "These roundup episodes have become a staple of the channel, and I'm always impressed how Chris is able to keep each one unique and engaging. Team S5!"

Tamron 28-75mm F2.8 review

Chris and Jordan have reviewed a lot of lenses, but one that keeps getting a ton of views on YouTube is the Tamron 28-75mm F2.8. (Which may also explain why it's always checked out from the DPReview gear cabinet.)

Chris: "Ah, the early days of DPReview TV when we were constantly struggling to acquire the cameras and lenses we needed. Fortunately, in this case, the older camera body was overshadowed by the fun locations we found."

Macro photography with Don Komarechka

Before joining DPReview TV as a part time host himself, Chris and Jordan hosted renowned macro photographer Don Komarechka to share some of his macro photography magic.

Chris: "While it may look like some of our macro subjects were planned, Don just arrived in Calgary with a backpack full of macro gadgets, and we went to a park to see what we could find. I think that's why the episode works so well, we're all figuring it out as we go with the assistance of an absolute master macro photographer."

Leica SL2 first impressions from Wetzlar, Germany

After traveling all the way to Leica headquarters in Wetzlar, Germany, Chris tried to score a free Leica for his birthday. Did it work?

Jordan: "One of the amazing things about making DPReview TV is the opportunity to meet the people responsible for some of our favorite cameras and lenses. The culture at Leica is very different from any other camera manufacturer, so it was a fun challenge to try and capture that difference with this video. Being able to shoot the episode using a $70,000 cinema prime didn't hurt either!"

Travel tripod shootout

If you're like us, you're probably itching for the day you can travel again. In this travel tripod shootout, we compared four top models from Manfrotto, Peak Design, Gitzo and Surui.

Jordan: "The honesty of Chris's kids in the intro delights me. Also, the 'Tripod Vibration Calibration Device' is a classic Chris idea that sounds ridiculous, but actually worked great."

Nikon Z7 first impressions review

Remember when Nikon launched the Z6 and Z7? It was so top secret that Nikon arrived at our office with briefcases handcuffed to their wrists and black helicopters circling overhead. Chris and Jordan had to fly to Seattle where we tested the new models together in secrecy.

Chris: "On our first trip to Seattle we finally met all of the DPReview staff. Fortunately, they all turned out to be great people. Whew."

Canon EOS 90D and M6 II at Michelin Raceway

Oh, how we miss travel. In this episode, Chris and DPReview editor Carey Rose put Canon's subject tracking to the test at the Michelin Raceway in Atlanta.

Jordan: "I was unable to come on this trip, but had an unexpectedly fun time editing the footage. Chris and Carey have fantastic back and forth chemistry that I'd like to see expanded into a buddy cop series or sitcom."

Laowa 24mm F14 probe lens

A long, narrow lens called the 'probe' is just begging for some NSFW jokes. So much, in fact, that Chris added a short intermission to the episode so you could do exactly that.

Chris: "When Laowa asked if we wanted to take a look at this lens, I was pretty unsure. It seemed like far too much of a niche tool to be interesting to many photographers. Of course, the 325,000 views proves I still never know when something will interest the masses."