Recently, Science Editor Rishi Sanyal had the chance to sit down with two of Google's most prominent imaging engineers and pick their brains about the software advances in the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. Isaac Reynolds is the Product Manager for Camera on Pixel and Marc Levoy1 is Distinguished Engineer and Computational Photography Lead at Google. From computational Raw to learning-based auto white balance, they gave us an overview of some key new camera features and an explanation of the tech that makes them tick.

Features covered in this video include the wide-angle selfie camera, Synthetic Fill Flash, Night Sight, Super Resolution Zoom, computational Raw, Top Shot and the method behind improving depth maps in Portrait Mode.

These features are also covered in written form in a previously published article here.

1Marc Levoy is also Professor, Emeritus, Computer Science department at Stanford. Apart from being well renowned in the fields of imaging and computer graphics, he is himself a photography enthusiast and expert, and while at Stanford taught a Digital Photography class. The course was an in-depth look at everything from sensors to optics to light, color, and image processing, and is available online. We highly recommend our curious readers watch his lectures in video form, and also visit Marc's course website for lecture slides and tools that help you understand the complex concepts both visually and interactively.