There are tons of posing tutorials out there for portrait photographers, but almost all of them are directed at how to pose women. So if you've been looking for a few solid tips on how to pose male models—or male friends helping you out with a photo shoot—check out this video by Daniel and Rachel of Mango Street.

The duo released a popular posing tutorial a few months back, but that one used a female non-model and, ever since, their audience has been asking for a similar tutorial for posing men.

As with all of Mango Street's videos, this one is short, to-the-point and useful, particularly if you're a beginner or work with male friends for your photography and not professional models. The three tips below will definitely help add some drama to bland portrait poses.

  1. Define the Jawline: Use a harsher light source and/or ask your subject to tilt their head so that their jawline is nice and sharp.
  2. Do Something with those Hands: Give your subject something to do with his hands—whether he's scratching the back of his neck or stroking a killer hipster beard, it'll keep things looking more natural and less awkward.
  3. Pay Attention to Posture: Have your subject aim for either a relaxed posture, or create sharp angles with his limbs and (if possible) a harsher light source.

Check out the video to see all three tips demonstrated. And if you found this short video useful, you'll probably like the rest of what Mango Street has to offer on YouTube.