The video industry keeps telling us that we'll all be using 8K displays in a few years. It's true that once you see 8K video, you can't unsee it. It's really pretty amazing. Until recently, however, seeing one for yourself meant going to a tradeshow like NAB or CES, where you could use a magnifying glass to try to see the pixels

But that's no longer true thanks to Dell, which is now selling a 32-inch 8K monitor for the not-too-surprising price of $4999. Just how good is it? In this video, Linus Tech Tips shows just what you're getting when you buy one. It's pretty impressive, but even Linus acknowledges that the difference between 8K and a 'standard' 5K display is "not as noticeable as you might think."

Are you ready to go 8K? What would it take to convince you to take the plunge?