It's the episode you've been waiting for all year! Chris and Jordan reveal their picks for the best and worst camera gear of 2020 while playing their newest drinking game. What could go wrong?

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Fun trivia about the other camera YouTubers mentioned in this episode

While recording our annual Best and Worst episode for DPReview TV, Chris and I decided to add a twist to our drinking game. We wanted to find out how well we knew some of our YouTuber friends, so we asked them to tell us two facts about themselves: one, a thing plenty of people know, and a second fact that very few people would know. We've compiled them all for your reading pleasure.

Well-known fact: I have a dog named Pixel.

Less-known fact: I play the piano and guitar.

Well-known fact: My favourite brand for shooting video is Panasonic.

Less-known fact: I have failed painfully at Steer Wrestling.

Well-known fact: I did a durability test on an L lens for an episode but couldn’t finish the video because the lens was broken on one of the first tests.

Less-known fact: I once worked in a cafe that only sells tea, and to help clean up RAW sewage which had flooded the basement (and where the kitchen was). I never ate staff meals again while working there.

Well-known fact: I like purple.

Less-known fact: I was in the Canadian army as an engineer for 6+ years.

Well-known fact: I'm obsessed with coffee.

Less-known fact: I'm a JUNO-nominated music producer and recording engineer (and that's been my full-time job for the past 8 years).

Well-known fact: I used to be a professional magician!

Bonus fact: I met Peter McKinnon at a magic conference in vegas 9 years ago. Long before either one of us were YouTubers.

Less-known fact: I won an animation contest for Nickelodeon when I was 16, and the grand prize was they flew my family out to Burbank, California, and we got a tour of the Nick Toons Network studios, and I was on TV!

Well-known fact: I will like and comment on all of your photos along with expressing what a great photographer you are!

Less-known fact: I used to be a professional singer, and I majored in it in college.

Well-known fact: I always travel with an Aeropress hand-grinder and pretentious coffee beans to ensure every cup is a winner. The most unusual brew was 75m below sea level in the Channel Tunnel to the bemusement and envy of fellow Eurostar passengers.

Less-known fact: I once emptied a remote bar in rural Japan of squid fisherman with the opening words of Dean Martin's 'Everybody Loves Somebody' on a Karaoke machine. Driven by pride and embarrassment, the song was completed as a serenade to the lonesome bartender now bereft of customers.

Well-known fact: I'm a mechanical engineer that designs robotic systems along with being a YouTuber.

Less-known fact: My parents are immigrants from Jamaica. I am the first generation born in the States.

Well-known fact: I was on several talk shows and Good Morning America after being dubbed the Sexiest Geek Alive.

Less-known fact: I have no sense of smell. None. Yes, I can taste.

Well-known fact: I drive a Jeep.

Less-known fact: I had absurdly long hair in high school.

Well-known fact: I shoot my videos in 30fps as an act of rebellion.

Less-known fact: I won my junior high school prom's karaoke contest with 'Secret Agent Man'.