Photographer William Briscoe captured this spectacular 360° 8K timelapse on January 31st near Fairbanks, Alaska. He shared the video on his YouTube channel and Facebook page a few weeks ago, alongside this description:

Here is a 360 video of the Lunar Eclipse, Alaska style, which I filmed on January 31st near Fairbanks. Lady Aurora, being the Diva she is, just couldn't let the moon have all the attention that night, so she made a nice showing as well.

If you have VR glasses of some sort, by all means slap them on! If not, simply drag the video around until you spot the moon, then watch as it disappears and becomes a black disk by about 30 seconds in, allowing the aurora to cover it entirely for the duration of the eclipse.

Unfortunately, capturing both aurora and eclipse in a single exposure is not possible, something Briscoe revealed in a comment on YouTube:

It is a composite video. The difference between the settings required to properly expose the moon and the Aurora is too great to do it in a single shot. The 360 camera was set to expose the Aurora and Landscape, while a second camera attached to a telephoto lens was used to time lapse the lunar eclipse itself. I combined them in post.

Without the second timelapse, the moon, even during eclipse totality, was bright enough to cause a white dot in the sky at the settings I had to use.

Of course, the fact that it was composited doesn't mean it was easy to shoot. Responding to a comment on YouTube, Briscoe revealed that it was -31°F (-35°C) out that night, so just getting his 360° rig (a custom-built array of numerous 35mm DSLRs) to work and staying warm for the three hours it took to shoot this was a challenge!