Editor's Note: The video contains a fine art nude print that is spoken about starting at 7:50 and appears in the background throughout most of the video from that point on. Potentially NSFW.

What's the smallest aperture you've ever used? F22? Maybe the max you'll find on some large format lenses: F64? When iconic photographer Edward Weston needed more depth of field to capture his famous still life Pepper No. 30, F64 wasn't nearly enough. He shot it at F240, using only natural light and exposing the shot for 4-6 hours!

This curious piece of photo trivia came up during the latest episode of Marc Silber's show Advancing Your Photography, in which he visits Weston's house and speaks to Weston's grandson Kim about the legendary photographer's work and technique.

Edward Weston's famous 'Pepper #30' was shot at f/240, with an exposure time of between 4 and 6 hours using all natural light. Photo: Edward Weson, screenshot from video.

Silber and the younger Weston touch on several of the renowned photographer's best known photographs, and finish the episode with a teaser from inside Weston's darkroom. To hear about these techniques in more detail and see more of Weston's work and home, click play up top.