These days, capturing professional-looking video no longer requires Hollywood-sized budgets. But does that mean that there's no longer much advantage to Hollywood-quality gear? Let's find out. Gene of the YouTube channel Potato Jet pegged his Canon 80D setup against an Arri Alexa setup that costs upwards of $80,000 and filmed several scenes with both cameras rigged up side-by-side.

Unlike his previous (very popuplar) iPhone 7 vs Arri Alexa video, this one is a bit more of a fair fight—the sensor area used to shoot most formats on the Arri is much closer in size to the 80D sensor than the iPhone, and one of the cameras isn't a freaking smartphone.

Of course, the difference between the footage is still immediately obvious—who would have guessed an $80K setup would shoot better footage than a $3,000 setup?—but the side-by-side comparison is fun and interesting to watch all the same. That's because Gene doesn't just point out the differences in the dynamic range and quality of the video from the two cameras, he outlines the pros and cons of using a small light-weight DSLR like the 80D vs a cinematic powerhouse like the Arri Alexa.

Check out the full comparison for yourself up top, and if you want to see more from Gene or consider yourself an amateur filmmaker, definitely subscribe to Potato Jet.