In 2005, wedding and portrait photographer Lynette Johnson founded an organization that would have a profound impact on over 1,400 families. Celebrating its 10th year, Soulumination is a non-profit that provides free professional photography sessions for individuals and families facing truly devastating circumstances – the loss of a child (or a parent with young children) to terminal illness. Now with almost 50 volunteer photographers, Soulumination provides a loving remembrance to comfort families and loved ones through extremely difficult times. 

In her PIX 2015 talk, Johnson discusses her work founding and growing Soulumination. She's also joined by 'Soul Mom' Debbie, who brings a heartfelt perspective on just how important it is to have photographs that celebrate the life of a loved one. Lynette and Debbie give a moving talk, one that really illuminates how priceless a photograph can be.

Watch the talk and visit Soulumination's website to learn more about their mission. The organization is currently running a ten-week campaign celebrating its ten years, hoping to raise $100,000 to continue helping families.