GoPro announced the all-new Hero6 last week, and while it might look identical to the Hero5 on the outside, the camera's capabilities have been vastly improved thanks largely to a new custom-designed image processor called the GP1. But does this fancy new processor deliver on its promises for better stabilization, improved dynamic range, and improved low light performance?

The folks at Vistek wanted to find out, so they pitted the Hero6 against its predecessor in a range of head-to-head tests that demonstrate one thing very clearly: The GoPro Hero6 definitely delivers on its promises.

From stabilization—which is now available all the way up to 4K/24p—to dynamic range and beyond, the Hero6 soundly beat the Hero5 in every test Vistek threw its way. Of course, you'd expect this from a new model of the same action camera, but for the most part, the improvements are not simply incremental... they're obvious.

As with any small action camera there is still plenty of room for improvement; a small sensor is still a small sensor and there are plenty of things a tiny little action camera just doesn't do particularly well no matter what. But as Vistek points out, GoPro seems to have listened to its consumers (and competition from companies like Yi) and built that action camera that 'is what the Hero5 should have been.'

The question now becomes: is it too little too late? But you're the only one who can answer that.