Hello Mr. Bear.

Action cameras have made documenting all of the extreme, dangerous and downright stupid things human beings subject themselves to an incredibly simple endeavor. But the truth is most folks' videos end up looking more like this than like this, because sadly, our lives are just not as interesting as those of pro athletes.

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But every now and then something happens during a seemingly run-of-the-mill action camera video that makes every mundane clip that preceded it suddenly feel worth the boredom. I give you, the bear chasing a mountain biker video:

The footage was shot by Dusan Vinžíkwho who was riding with a buddy at a mountain bike park in Slovakia, when suddenly a bear runs out on the trail – it seemingly follows the one rider for a bit before veering off back into the woods.

Of course, there's a good chance the bear was not actually chasing the rider, and that its presence was purely coincidentally. But the fact remains: keep those action cameras running, because you might actually get something good.