Ted Forbes—photographer and inspirational educator behind The Art of Photography—recently got a chance to try out the Phase One IQ3 100MP Achromatic digital back, and man did it ever leave an impression. In his short video overview above, he dives into the images he captured with this bayer filter-free, monochromatic medium format beast, explaining why he feels this camera is a true 'gamechanger.'

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If that word triggers your gag reflex, you're not alone, but Forbes isn't one to throw hyperbole around and he gives good reason (and plenty of examples) for why he believes this digital back is something special. Pay particular attention to what Forbes is able to do using filters and the sensor's ability to pick up light outside of the visible spectrum.

Check out the full video above to see the camera in action and dive into some sample images, but don't forget to watch it at the highest possible resolution YouTube and your monitor can handle. You'll need every available pixel at your disposal.