It looks like this tiger was about as frustrated with the Nikon KeyMission 360 as we were when we reviewed it. Obviously frustrated after missing golden hour because she couldn't get the camera connected to her Android phone, she just gave up and chewed the crap out of it...

Joking aside, Russell Edwards of RSE Photography captured this strange video when the Nikon KeyMission 360 he put just inside the sumatran tigers' enclosure caught the attention of a curious female. But if the fact that the tiger chewed on the camera doesn't really amaze you, the fact that the camera survived largely undamaged should.

"To my amazement the kit survived apart from the "lookalike" joby gorilla pod that the tiger treated like it's doomed prays bones, with literally only a few noticeable tiger teeth marks on the km360," writes Edwards on YouTube. "The tiger was A-okay and the km360 still works as it should. So if any one is interested in how tough that action cam is, well check out the footage for yourself."

To see a few pictures of the mostly-undamaged KeyMission 360, head over to Nikon Rumors.