Photographer, filmmaker, and ultra-creative YouTuber Daniel DeArco recently put together something really interesting: the world's fastest camera slider. At least, he *thinks* it's the world's fastest camera slider. But even if it isn't, the practical effects he's able to get by shooting with this slider are really interesting.

In the two videos embedded here, he (above) shows off some of his experiments with his new toy—including regular motion shots and some interesting slow motion panning and zooming movements—before diving into a behind the scenes look and outtakes (below).

According to DeArco, one of his main goals is to create a faux bullet time or 'Matrix' effect by shooting slow motion while moving the camera at high speed.

I shoot a lot of movement and action, and wanted to shoot high speed, WITH the camera in high speed––since you can't fake gravity. My goal was to achieve a similar effect to what you see in, "The Matrix", when Neo is dodging bullets.

Check out the results for yourself in the two videos embedded here, and then head over to DeArco's YouTube channel or Instagram account to see more of his creative work.