Lens lovers look away, this one is going to hurt. Six months after cutting an SLR in half with their 60,000 PSI water jet, the folks at the aptly named Waterjet Channel are destroying even more camera gear. This time, their victim is a Canon 17-85mm F4-5.6.

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Fortunately for optical enthusiasts, this isn't exactly an expensive or much sought after lens. And while we can never countenance the destruction of camera gear just because it's 'cool,' we have to admit the results are pretty... well... cool.

Unlike the previous SLR video, the Waterjet guys were able to keep the lens mostly intact, slicing it so cleanly it almost looks like one of those display case units you see at photography trade shows:

Check out the gruesome footage for yourself up top. And if you're really brave, you'll stick around until the end and stomach some grade-A trolling in the form of a photography 'lesson' that starts around the 2 minute mark.

Can you believe this lens contains a memory card, pentaprism, and room for either a digital sensor or film!? Yeah, neither can we.