After reading our recent coverage on Instagrammers hurting an iconic tree in New Zealand just to snap the same photo everyone else has already taken, photographer and videographer Oliver KMIA decided to put together a short video with a single, tongue-in-cheek purpose:

I wanted to show how people take the same picture over and over again while traveling.

The result is Instatravel, a video slideshow made out of thousands of Instagram travel photos that look pretty much identical. All of the typical tropes are covered: the passport photo, the pretty girl leading you by the hand, the airplane wing, and all of the most iconic landmarks being photographed from the same old locations in the exact same way.

We can't decide if the video is funny or depressing, so we'll let you do that. Alternatively, this is probably a good video to reference the next time you find yourself tempted to take one of these cliché travel shots. We've all done it, but a few seconds of hesitation might just yield something a bit more unique.