You might be getting sick of all the solar eclipse articles, but in the aftermath of last month's phenomenon we keep running across incredible new vantage points—from this amazing (and viral) climber photo to this footage shot from a weather balloon in the stratosphere. Here is one more jaw-dropping capture.

Photographer JunHo Oh shot this 4K close-up of totality from Warm Springs, Oregon using a Panasonic GX85 attached to a 2160mm f/12 telescope and a RainbowAstro RST-150H Harmonic Drive robotic mount.

In the video above you get to watch the eclipse reach totality up close before tracing the corona in all of its solar flare-fueled glory. In the zoomed out version below you can watch the full eclipse at once. Both are worth 3 minutes of your time... and a healthy shot of awe.