Nikon's Nikkor Z 135mm F1.8 S 'Plena' is the company's second Z-mount lens with a unique moniker, which seems to suggest they think it's something special. Nikon has described the lens as a must-have light-gathering beast for photographers, one which minimizes vignetting with clean edge-to-edge brightness, has exceptional clarity and sharpness for fine details, hair and skin tones, as well as minimizes cat's eye bokeh to produce round specular highlights throughout the frame.

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DPReview's Shaminder Dulai gets some hands-on time with a pre-production version of the new mid-telephoto portrait prime to see how those claims measure up in our latest episode of DPRTV.

After the video, learn more about the 'Plena' and peruse some out-of-camera JPEG sample images.

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